Classes for this Season!! Brand New Series starting in May and all Through the Summer! Come join us for some body conditioning and muscle strengthening! you will be feeling healthy and fit in no time

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  1. I started taking Ninyshka’s Belly Dance Classes in the Summer of 2012 and have not stopped going since! I have learned so much and have also grown more confident in performing. Since then, I have already performed with the group 3 times, a duet with Ninyshka and also my very first solo! Every Summer Ninyshka teaches an intensive class in which we learn a belly dance choreography in 8 weeks and get to perform it in front of our family and friends. It is really fun! Her daily classes are really fun and it’s nice to bond with other great women too. I look forward to class every week!!!! Ninyshka is a great beautiful teacher and makes us all feel very welcomed. All my friends I have taken to take the class for the first time, have not stopped going!!!! They all love it!!! My goal is to be able to perform professionally and Ninyshka’s teachings are really taking me there. Thank You!!!! ~ Alice Dee

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