Learn the Beautiful Art of Bellydance!

7:30pm – 8:30pm  Bellydance Mondaysclassrecital2 Beginners Level

This class focuses on learning the basic techniques and foot patterns used in traditional bellydance. Sections of the course entail history of the culture & dance form, musical understanding, and muscle training. Emphasis on stretching, finding balance, and feeling comfortable as a dancer. The beginning portion of the class includes a 20mintute warm up flexibility conditioning.

🙂 BEGINNERS WELCOME please come! 🙂 We work to help and encourage everyone on their journey. Each person works at their own pace to achieve their personal goals


$10 per class (1hr)

 please register by emailing, calling, or texting (626) 430 8984

Classes held in Glendale, CA


Wear comfortable workout clothes, water, a yoga mat if you have one (for beginning portion of class). The class is performed barefoot, but dance shoes or socks are accepted as well. any questions please feel free to contact Ninyshka.


Private lessons can be scheduled with Ninyshka as a home visit or studio session. Going rates go from $60-100. Please call for inquires


5 thoughts on “Classes”

  1. I’ve been a student of Nini’s for years, and I HIGHLY recommend her instruction. She is fantastic, and offers the best workout and technique building experience I could ask for! I also love working toward performances, and the bonding that is shared in dancing together. She is well-rounded in her teaching style, attentive to all her students, and works both sides of the body evenly, which some instructors neglect to do. The studio is fantastic and cozy, and she plays great music that makes me want to dance and get in touch with my inner Goddess! You can’t go wrong with trying these classes.

  2. Love Nini’s classes! She’s got a way of making you feel comfortable and sexy while teaching complicated moves. Have been taking her classes for about a year, she’s great! The best thing about Nini’s classes is that she teaches the origin of the moves for the night, you learn about the art, beauty, and cultural background. Love her :]!

  3. Ninyskha’s belly dance classes ignites beauty, grace, empowerment through the cultural aspect of traditional belly dance history, which is captured through her techniques. Which I Admire!

    Her dedication, love, patience, and awesome friendly personality makes class all the more exciting and attentive. She incorporates great warm-up techniques during class, which are great exercises you can incorporate to your daily workout in the comfort of your home. Niny’s traditional and tribal style techniques ignites the inner goddess within! That’s for sure!

    She is by far The most kick ass, fun teacher I’ve had during my on and off session of belly dancing classes I have previously taken within the last 4 years. By far…The Best! Hands down!

  4. When I went looking for Bellydance lessons, I found Niny. She was my first instructor and I don’t know if I want to go to anyone else!!
    I don’t know if I can say anything better than the previous comments… every class with Niny feels great and I love her and all the women in the class. Her warm-ups are easy and effective and help me leave my regular work week behind and give myself over to her teachings and relax.
    She made me feel comfortable, had a great smile and such positive energy. She keeps her classes fun. I love learning the history and origin of dance moves from other countries from her and she brings in such a great mix of music! I’ve had a chance to hear older, traditional types of music mixed with modern fusion bellydance, industrial and electronic music.
    Niny reminds us of how we’re all beautiful women, to love our bodies, and be proud when we dance.

  5. I started taking Ninyshka’s Belly Dance Classes in the Summer of 2012 and have not stopped going since! I have learned so much and have also grown more confident in performing. Since then, I have already performed with the group 3 times, a duet with Ninyshka and also my very first solo! Every Summer Ninyshka teaches an intensive class in which we learn a belly dance choreography in 8 weeks and get to perform it in front of our family and friends. It is really fun! Her daily classes are really fun and it’s nice to bond with other great women too. I look forward to class every week!!!! Ninyshka is a great beautiful teacher and makes us all feel very welcomed. All my friends I have taken to take the class for the first time, have not stopped going!!!! They all love it!!! My goal is to be able to perform professionally and Ninyshka’s teachings are really taking me there. Thank You!!!! ~ Alice Dee

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